Fuel saver: P.E.N. Point Effect Needle

increase your mileage very simply

We chose to partially disclose our french patent application n° 1301576 of July 1st 2013.

It is a low cost process. We give you the right to build it freely for your personal use. *

This tip increases by 5% (max 10%) your mileage diffusing static charges in the intake air using the point effect.

You just have to link the body to a sharp object jabbed into the air intake.

Learn more about static charges balancing (FR, ENG, ESP)
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The simplest fuel saver ever !

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Operating principle

Static electricity must be balanced between air and fuel to guarantee the homogeneity of the mixture in a heat engine.
- at the minimum, the static charges must be carried to the air intake using the point effect
- ideally these charges should also be extracted from the fuel with our fuel saver Magn-us

All the useful information is detailed in a PDF document that we sell at a symbolic price to fund our researches.
(French, English, Espanol)

The P.E.N. process has not be proven by an independant laboratory.
The claimed savings are reported by the users.
* Any commercial use of the P.E.N. process is FORBIDDEN.
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